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Bitcoin breaks new record

On Friday morning, the world’s most popular crypto currency, Bitcoin, hit a new record by soaring up to $8,040. But later the correction followed, and the digital currency lowered to $7,700. (далее…)

17 ноября 2017
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Oil quotes recover after 4-day losses

Oil prices are stable on Thursday morning as the OPEC pact that was signed to limiting the oil output rate may be prolonged. The quotes had been showing an active decline for four sessions in a row because of the high level of oil production in the U.S. (далее…)

16 ноября 2017
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Euro gets stronger on good economic data

During the morning trade in Asia, the euro rose, and the U.S. dollar continued the fall started on Tuesday. At 9:00 GMT, the euro reached $1.1839, up 0.36%. Yesterday, the U.S. national currency lost more than 1.1% against the EUR. (далее…)

15 ноября 2017
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Global stocks mixed ahead of Central Banker Conference

World stock markets show mixed results ahead of the economic reports from China and the meeting of central bankers in Frankfurt. The U.S. closed higher on Monday, indices of the Asia-Pacific region are mixed on Tuesday, while revenues of telecommunications companies pushed European stocks up. (далее…)

14 ноября 2017

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