our team

We are a team of successful market traders and computer geeks who joined hands to create a conceptually new online information platform. While gaining and developing our trading experience, we aimed to have a handy and comprehensive tool enabling us to choose the right way in the variety of market strategies and make right decisions. Since we could not find the required features all-in-one, we decided to implement our expertise and vision in a state-of-the-art trading venue, that is.

How was our Company established?

We go far beyond the concept of creating a standard news website. We offer you a set of analytic options allowing you to customize your trading environment and work effectively. With us, you will get a chance both to educate, practice and gain profits by using fresh-new knowledge of Forex trading strategies. We offer you a trusty and reliable service by implementing the trendsetting technologies of data encryption – thus making your trading activity safe and confidential.

Our mission is to help you easily access global markets and get the highest profit by working with the most efficient practices ever. We do our best to provide you with an excellent service to surpass your wildest expectations. We share fundamental values of honesty, trust, and professionalism. Our goal is to stay your preferred market assistant that offers transparent, credible and useful trading facilities.

We are not just looking for customers – we are in search of equal partners to establish a long-term cooperation. You may be a hardened market player or a newcomer – either way we trust in your ability to achieve desired goals. We will become a trustworthy partner for everyone who wants to enjoy the privileges of using the high-tech solutions in building their Forex trading strategies. With us, you will enter a fellowship of successful and acknowledged marketers.

We are passionate about continuous development. Once new trends appear in the market, we become immediately aware of them, knowing how to improve our service. By joining us, you will not just follow trends – you will actually become the one who set the trends.
Take full benefits of joining our company, since we are:

  • Comprehensive
    We allow all registered users to quickly access the global markets by offering them all-embracing tools to develop their Forex strategies. By joining us, you will instantly receive the most reliable and up-to-date information about price fluctuations and latest quotations of currency pairs, CFDs or even cryptocurrencies. We engineered our facilities to assist you in planning and making your best investments, basing on reliable information sources. Trade better, learn new things, test new successful scenarios of the market behavior – we manually select and process all information we publish.
  • Technological
    We are proud to introduce you constantly updated sections of the portal and recommend new convenient services. Our platform was designed to ease your everyday life in the markets and give you access to the set of handy tools and services, analyses of the trading environment, the most convenient and relevant trading solutions – it is important for us to achieve the profitability of your transactions. Track price changes, keep an eye on new strategies, check updated trading algorithms and find solutions – we are ready to support you.
  • Innovative
    We enjoy the opportunity to be the first in that we love and do. Namely – in trading, in the selection of technological solutions, in creation of reliable solutions for our readers. We improve our portal and strive to make it special, we try our best to provide the most up-to-date and effective information and to build communication with our readers. That’s why we never stop improving the service. A well-thought-out interface, convenient navigation, the most modern ways of selecting the right materials, optimal search algorithms and maximum functionality – these all depend on our level of self-confidence and desire to implement new techniques. We are ready to meet the wishes of the most demanding market participants, since they set the tone for the whole industry. We strive to be the best.
  • Analytical
    Up-to-date charts. Reliable strategies. Articles that reflect the real state of the markets. We work with proven sources and filter out unnecessary information. This is how we prepare our resource for publications. We want to show that we are not just understand events – we are ready to share this knowledge with other traders.
  • Educative
    By joining our system, you will get an option to improve your skills and knowledge, to find out what will be in trend tomorrow, learn trading techniques together with us and discover the ways for further development of your success! Even if you take first steps in the market, we are ready to support your initiatives and answer the questions that you may have. When creating our materials, we invite not only practicing traders, but also experts in money management who select recommendations in accordance with their own experience. We provide all necessary information – from the basic concepts to the features of various complex financial tools, and all materials are available for all subscribers.
  • Always in touch
    We are always in touch – 24 hours a day, 5 days a week, just like the global markets work. Hence, we are able to constantly monitoring the situation in the world of finances. Our support team is ready to answer your questions and provide the necessary data. We make sure that our courses, articles and videos reflect the real picture of the market dynamics, which means that we are eyeing all the changes that happen. Do not hesitate to ask questions that interest you – and get first-hand information!

The most valuable thing for us is information about what we can improve in the project and what you personally find the most interesting. We will be glad to receive from you an e-mail or a feedback about our service. We guarantee that we will respond to it promptly.

We are pleased to work for you and provide you with the most relevant offers, data and tools for trading. Join us!