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Well, that sounds pretty good. And we actually did try to find a universal and comprehensive guide to trading in financial markets, but, unfortunately, the real world is full of disappointments… So we came to the conclusion that the only way to get such an indispensable book is to pick up all the important and necessary data about trading from reliable and trusted sources and gather it in one information platform.

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We have already mentioned Warren Buffett here. This person is a living legend in the realm of trading and a living example of the fact that reading is a must. Biographers highlight that at the very beginning of his career Buffett read up to 1,000 pages of trading books per day. Moreover, reading used to take him 80% of his daily routine.


Information is a core of trading, and each trader who wants to achieve heights in this area should handle a huge number of factors, analyze them and correctly apply them in practice, making accurate forecasts about future events in the market. That’s why we did our best to make you spared from having to look for tiny bits of useful and reliable data in a huge and fast information flow. We have collected only the best materials and the most reliable forex books – and we constantly update them.


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