Gold Trading: best practices

Gold Trading: best practices

7 March 18 12:00

Gold is one of the best known assets for the past decades. While other markets rise and fall, (more…)

In modern world, we can’t imagine our life without the Internet connection, as here you can find any information you need. That is why the Worldwide Web is also the biggest library humanity ever created. Yet, the development of video streaming technologies has also resulted in the Internet becoming the best way to study and communicate. You can find various lessons and courses there – and free Forex webinars are not an exception.


Why webinars?

Free Forex webinars are usually suitable for novices. You don’t need to pay for basic knowledge and you definitely can choose among the plenty of authors who use different materials, methods and examples.

Another great point about Forex webinars is that they usually provide live trading examples. You don’t have to follow boring, monotonous lecture. In fact, webinars is the priceless experience and an amusing, exciting process that allows you to figure out how the real trading is done and teaches you to cope with difficulties and mistakes (oh yes, even the greatest traders make mistakes – never forget about it!).


Are webinars time-consuming?

Lots of people prefer reading because they can take a break and keep reading after. But you may use the same tactic with Forex webinars as well! You may pause a video, get away from the studying for a while – and then continue. No doubt, live webinars are perfect as you can you are able to constantly communicate with your tutor. Yet, all your questions can be answered via e-mail or phone – and it will be as effective as if you asked them during the real-time lecture. This way you can manage your own time as you wish. Pretty good option, isn’t it?


As a rule, free Forex webinars can be easily found on different trading platforms. Our website provides you high quality and free Forex webinar that may teach you to work effectively and profitably. Here, you can watch webinars on various trading areas, analyze them and find great solutions that may help you to understand the topic.


Let’s have a look at the key topics our free Forex webinars disclose:


Choosing a Broker

Unfortunately, now there are a lot of brokers you simply cannot trust, so it’s very important to take care of your choice. Our webinar devoted to this theme will help you to decide wisely among various services. Watch a step-by-step process of choosing the best broker here: [webinar link]


Opening an account

Once you pick a trading platform, you are to open an account. But what if you still question the broker of your choice and have no idea about if you can trade safely? This Forex webinar [webinar link] will explain you why a demo-account option is a must before moving to the real account, how to use it, and what basic strategies and tools are to be taken into account when starting your trading activity.


Choice of analysis method

In order to open a deal, one must speculate how the market dynamics will change – whether the price will rise or fall. There are two major areas of analytics: technical and fundamental. Try to look through our free Forex webinars [webinar link] that are dedicated to different types and strategies of analysis. The top analysts will conduct live trading sessions explaining their actions to the audience and sharing their experience.


Using of trading robots

It is the next topic you really should learn with the help of our free Forex webinar. This topic is quite tricky, because every Forex website claims that their robots as the best. But the truth is the best robot is one that fits your trading style and strategy perfectly. That is why you should be as careful as it possible. Our webinar will show you the most crucial tips when picking trading robots about different robots – [webinar link]. This information will be extremely useful for beginning traders.



The psychology of trading is the most important aspect of this kind of work – both success and failure equally depend on it. Forex trading is a very emotional activity, and you just cannot survive here without nerves of steel. In order to give you the most important knowledge about trading psychology and teach you not to lose your money, we prepared a free Forex webinar for you – try it out [webinar link]. Try to find out everything about self-control and discipline as an integral part of trading.


Risk management

Once you have mastered self-monitoring, you are ready to move to the next important topic – risk management. To protect yourself from losses, you must follow some rules. Try checking the great Forex webinar devoted to this crucial theme – [webinar link]. Apart from the risk management itself, you can find out the key mistakes traders often make when opening deals, and, what is more important, hear how they deal with disappointment and impatience.