Germany Supports Autocars Production

Germany Supports Autocars Production

Peter Altmаier, the Minister for Economic Affairs and Energy of Germany recommended car manufacturers to invest in electric cars if they do not want to lose out in the market.

According to him, the German automotive industry should put considerable resources in the electric vehicles and batteries production already, so as not to lose its position in the industry. In an interview with the newspaper Bild, the minister announced impressive amounts, which should not to invest in the electric cars production technology.

Altmaier also spoke about the growing demand for battery packs and the need for financial investments in their production. Manufacturing companies can get high profits on millions of produced batteries. Powerful competitors from Asia or the US can fill this market, and Germany will have to reconcile with the value receipt added by other countries.

Three years ago, a difficult period began for the German auto industry that providing jobs for more than 800,000 people. In 2015, the Volkswagen management admitted the falsifying results of diesel engines tests on the volume of harmful emissions into the atmosphere. Auto concern scams caused a negative reaction among the diesel cars supporters. The owners of VW, Daimler and others enhanced the electric vehicle industry development. The main aim is to reduce the level of pollution and manage the risks of companies in case of possible ban on diesel vehicles.

Peter Altmaier told about the government’s willingness to support car owners. The minister said that ways of assistance are an additional hundred thousand charging points throughout Germany and subsidy assistance the joint use of cars. The government hopes to encourage citizens to choose more environment friendly vehicles. Moreover, the additional funding will be allocated for research on the autonomous driving technology and the creation of battery packs in Germany.

Altmaier recommended that German carmakers start developing models of the Tesla level, but at a lower cost. The minister is confident that the first safe cars with automatic control should work on the German technologies.

The official also urged the company to cooperate with European companies in the field of batteries production. Thus, a lot of new jobs may appear.