The Best Forex Trading Tools for Your Success

The Best Forex Trading Tools for Your Success

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Due to the development of advanced software, Forex trading is getting increasingly dependent on technology. Automated trading expert advisors, scripts, and indicators are mushrooming the industry. If you want to be updated with Forex trading, you must be skilled in using the latest and necessary tools.

Due to the multitude of trading tools available in the market, it might be quite challenging to find the software that really works, especially if you’re an absolute novice to the industry. You need to use the most effective tools to be successful. Considering your necessity, we collected information about the best tools that are used by professional traders these days.


Let’s have a look at the round-up of the top trading tools.

  • Autochartist:  

is One of the most popular tools in Forex trading, Autochartist collects a huge amount of price data and predicts market conditions. Basically, it collects data according to predefined instruction and shows it on the chart. The proven probability of correct forecasts is about 70%.

  • Moving Average:  

This tool is very effective in getting to know about current market trends. It also shows you whether the market is neutral or bearing other conditions – such as bearish or bullish. It shows markets probable highest price and the resistance level. CPR:

Candlestick Pattern Recognition is an indicator for showing custom charts in Forex trading. It also shows the markets entry points and different time frame values. Also, it lets youmake important decisions based on CRP results. CRP shows the information below—

  1. Morning Star and Evening Star,
  2. Piercing Line,
  3. Dark Cloud Cover,
  4. Three inside and outside up,
  5. Three inside and outside down,
  6. Three white soldiers and black crows.
  • Fibonacci Retracement:

This is a web-based tool in Forex trading. Using this tool, you will see the support and resistance levels of the market. According to the information it provides, you can fix an entry and exit point. You will know the lowest and highest market points of a certain day. Armed with this data, you will be able to make an informed trading decisions.

  • Economic Calendar:

Economic calendar shows different market situations and their impact on the market flow. This tool helps you digg deep into financial events and understand present and future market flow.

  • Volatility Indicator:

If you want to know the market volatility, this indicator is just what you need.

it indicates the most volatile pair which correlates with the pip value. This is a very effective tool for MT4 that will let you determine the currencies that are facing volatility.

  • Pivots:

As technical and analysis tools, pivots indicators are most popular. They show the daily and weekly pivots as well, allowing you to calculate the resistance and support value and the level of your charts. 100 tools for Metatrader

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