North Korea Associated With New Hacker Attacks

North Korea Associated With New Hacker Attacks

Hackers associated with North Korea turned their attention to cryptocurrency investors and exchanges as soon as Bitcoin began to rise.

Recorded Future, a cybersecurity company, said that malicious software used in the attacks is similar to WannaCry, the virus used for hacking Sony Pictures and the central bank of Bangladesh.

Based on the software analysis, the company reported that they were sure that the past year’s attacks on South Korean exchanges and their users were carried out by the Lazarus group, previously associated with North Korea.

According to the statement released on Tuesday, the software was created in October or November when Bitcoin started reaching its peak. Recent months, other cryptocurrencies (such as Ethereum and Monero) also showed noticeable rate changes.

The report does not state how successful the attacks, which included attempts to find passwords for victims’ wallets, were. Many cryptocurrencies are not regulated by the governments, thus, they are particularly useful for North Korea, which is threatened by limited access to the international financial system due to restrictions imposed by the United States after nuclear tests.

North Korea continues to deny its involvement in cyberterrorism and hacker attacks. Nevertheless, its interest in cryptocurrencies remains very high.