Bitcoin breaks new record
17 ноября 2017
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On Friday morning, the world’s most popular crypto currency, Bitcoin, hit a new record by soaring up to $8,040. But later the correction followed, and the digital currency lowered to $7,700. (далее…)

Bitcoin hits new record as SegWit2x canceled
9 ноября 2017
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Bitcoin reached a new record high of $7888, as the SegWit2x project participants announced they would not make any changes to the program code of the digital currency. (далее…)

Bitcoin hits new record highs
1 ноября 2017

Bitcoin climbed to a new record high of $6,500 on Wednesday after the world’s largest exchange group CME Group announced its plans to launch trading futures contracts for the cryptocurrency. (далее…)

Bitcoin recovers from yesterday’s drop
26 октября 2017

Bitcoin regains its positions after the sharp fall it went through on Wednesday in the wake of Bitcoin Gold split. Bitcoin Gold, a new fork of the Bitcoin software, dropped by almost 60% on the first day of trading. By 7:45 GMT on Thursday, the world’s most popular digital currency is trading at $5,732. (далее…)

Bitcoin hits new highs, euro falls on referendum in Catalonia
2 октября 2017
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Bitcoin prices exceeded $4400 on Sunday and continued to go up on Monday on news that the most of Catalonia citizens voted for independence. The European currency, meanwhile, declined against the strong U.S. dollar. (далее…)

Digital currencies recover from losses; safe assets in focus
26 сентября 2017
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The market of digital currencies continues to recover after the fall caused by China’s decision to close the local crypto-exchanges by the end of October. Also investors got interested in risk-off assets amid escalating tension on the Korean peninsula. (далее…)

Bitcoin and US dollar recover
11 сентября 2017
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Bitcoin, the world’s most popular crypto-currency that reached a record high of $4,911.80 on September 2, is still under pressure. Last week, the digital currency experienced a powerful decline caused by the Bank of China’s decision to ban ICO operations in the country. Last Friday, the Chinese Central Bank continued sanctions: the government decided to ban the digital currencies exchange. (далее…)

Cryptocurrency market down after ICO ban in China
5 сентября 2017
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Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies continue declining on Tuesday after the ban of the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) in China. According to the source close to decision makers, China will keep tightening the rules on crypto-currencies. (далее…)

Bitcoin and Ethereum up after weekend fall
17 июля 2017
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On Monday, prices of Ethereum and Bitcoin started recovering from their recent decline. During weekend they faced a sharp downside movement as traders were worried about a possible cryptocurrency bubble. (далее…)

Bitcoin exchanges in China resume withdrawal of cryptocurrency
1 июня 2017
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Main Chinese Bitcoin exchanges allowed their traders to withdraw the cryptocurrency after four-month restriction made by the Central banking institution. (далее…)