China-North Korea trade rose in 2017
13 July 2017

According to the Thursday’s information from Chinese officials, China’s trade volume with sanctioned North Korea was increased by 10% from January to June (compared to the previous year). This information indicated that Beijing was not effectively influenced by the United Nations’ pressure. (more…)

Tesla to open electric car factory in China
23 June 2017
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Tesla Inc is planning to establish its electric vehicles manufacturing complex in China. Revealing the pace of its progress, the company announced that it is currently in exploratory talks with the municipal government in Shanghai. (more…)

Pork demand in China reached the lowest level
20 June 2017

Frozen dumpling makers from China can develop their business and raise a sales rate by using more vegetables and less meat in their products, since new urban population needs to move away from fast food to the fat reduced diet. Analysts pointed a new trend in mainland China food sales, while consumers of the age from 20 to 35 are trying to eat healthier food at least once a week or so. (more…)

Canada supplies China with more pork than US in Q1 2017
5 June 2017

Canada became the biggest North American pork supplier for China leaving the United States behind. Both of the suppliers are constantly competing for the biggest world market for their products. (more…)

Bitcoin exchanges in China resume withdrawal of cryptocurrency
1 June 2017

Main Chinese Bitcoin exchanges allowed their traders to withdraw the cryptocurrency after four-month restriction made by the Central banking institution. (more…)

Crude goes up as China PMI lower
1 June 2017

Oil prices demonstrated recovery by almost 1% during Asia trading session on Thursday, as China’s Caixin PMI in the private manufacturing sector was weaker than expected in May. (more…)

Samsung to invest in China’s chip plant
29 May 2017
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Samsung Electronics Co Ltd informed on Monday about its plans to increase memory chip production capacity at Chinese manufacturing base. An industrial boom will possibly result in record sales for memory supplying companies. Samsung has already invested in the Xi’an facility, but the actual amount of investment and additional resources was not revealed. (more…)

Trump eyes new trade order that can bring additional duties
10 April 2017
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U.S. President Donald Trump is going to issue an executive order to start a trade investigation which may create additional supplemental duties in several categories of imported products. President Administration official who preferred to speak on condition of anonymity informed the media about this initiative on Sunday. However, exact product lines or categories were not revealed. (more…)

  Factory activity in China rose faster than expected in March
31 March 2017


In March, expansion rate of the manufacturing sector in China was the fastest in 5 years. Such a performance was unexpected for analysts. They presumed that the source of the gain could be found earlier in the year and connected with the construction boom. (more…)

Alibaba to set logistics hub in Malaysia
22 March 2017

Alibaba Group Holding Ltd stated on Wednesday that it was going to set up a logistics hub in Malaysia. It is the latest step in a number of Chinese investments in the region that includes real estate projects and infrastructure development. (more…)