Eurozone trade rates grows in May
14 июля 2017

The Eurozone seems to have trade boom in May, as both its imports and exports rates with other countries rose and made investors confident in global commerce situation. The European Union, which is treated as the main global trader, demonstrated the trade growth with all of its major partners, including sanctioned Russia. (далее…)

Draghi upgrades growth outlook for the Eurozone
9 июня 2017
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The European Central Bank (ECB) adjusted its outlook on the Eurozone on Thursday and demonstrated less dovish approach about interest rates, taking first definitely effective step to the ECB policy tightening since 2011. (далее…)

Eurozone inflation slows down in May
31 мая 2017
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According to the recent report, inflation rate of the Eurozone in May went down faster than expected, reacting to Germany and Spain’s economic situations and providing support to the European Central Bank’s decision to make minor adjustments to its rates and monetary stimulus program.

Statistics agency Eurostat reported that general inflation of 19 Eurozone countries fell down to 1.4% and reached the lowest level since December compared with the same period of the previous year. In April this number was 1.9%. Although, analysts expected the rating would fall to 1.5%. Excluding volatile prices of energy and unprocessed food, inflation rating also fell to 1.0% from its 1.2% rate of the previous period, matching expectations.

ECB meeting will take place next week. The Central Bank planned to restrict inflation rating below 2%, but keep close to this level. ECB is also going to conduct stimulus measures and buy 60 billion euros bonds ($67.1 billion) to provide the Eurozone economy with additional cash. It may result in growth of prices in accordance with ECB’s intentions to reach the target number it set earlier.

According to media reports on Tuesday, ECB policymakers may provide the EZ economy with more optimistic overview and discuss possible stimulus narrowing during its meeting in June 8. However, there will be no significant changes, since ECB still has to deal with weak price pressure and robust growth.

Eurostat said on Wednesday, other economic indicators had followed this trend. The Eurozone unemployment indicator slipped to eight-year lows in April and reached the level of 9.3%. Annual economic growth indicators were reported at 1.7%. They demonstrated acceleration, yet not particularly strong. Energy prices rose in May by 4.6% compared with the previous year, while in April they grew up by 7.6%. The cost of unprocessed food went up by 1.6% against 2.2% growth in April. Inflation of services prices was reported at 1.3% in May. In April they marked a 1.8% growth.


Euro Zone PMI starts second quarter with substantial growth
21 апреля 2017
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The main Euro Zone economy indicators show that its economy started second quarter of 2017 with a strong growth based on many factors. Surveys demonstrate an increase of businesses activity with the fastest rate in six years, while new orders numbers stay strong. These results are highly appreciated by European Central bank since the economy demonstrates a stable growth pressured by inflation and advancing consumer confidence. (далее…)

EZ output went down in February, energy sector involved
11 апреля 2017

On Tuesday, the European Union’s statistics office informed that Eurozone industrial output declined on February. Market players expected opposite results and rate increase. (далее…)

Eurozone inflation moves lower
31 марта 2017
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Inflation in the Eurozone went down this month defending a cautious policy of European Central Bank President Mario Draghi and also showing that consumer prices will be stable in the nearest future. (далее…)

Weak euro helps Eurozone factory to reach six-year highs
1 марта 2017
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Manufacturing growth in the Eurozone increased to the highest level for six years in February. The weakening of the European currency created conditions for stronger export demand. Inflations process pressure also demonstrates a sign of recovering in the future. Surveys indicated that not all Eurozone countries had demonstrated rise of factory activity, but prices increase had been observed in the biggest part of the EZ. (далее…)

Eurozone shows better than expected economic performance
30 января 2017
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According to Monday’s information, the Eurozone economy finished last year with better than expected rates. The European Central Bank informed that massive cash stimulus approach had results, but some difficulties could appear in the nearest future. 19 members of EZ showed better performance than it was forecasted, but they also have to prepare for some upcoming risks, including political troubles.