Sterling stable after yesterday’s drop
3 ноября 2017
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On Friday, the British pound started recovering after yesterday’s sharp fall against the U.S. dollar caused by the Bank of England’s decision to raise the interest rate for the first time in the last ten year, even though the further changes in monetary policy are to be gradual. (далее…)

Sterling is flat ahead of Brexit negotiations
19 июня 2017
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On Monday, several major central banks released their reports on monetary policy and inflation, pushing the U.S. dollar and the euro higher against the yen. Market players are waiting for speeches of the Federal Reserve’s officials and any suitable information about Brexit negotiation. (далее…)

Canadian dollar rise on hawkish comments from BoC
13 июня 2017
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The Canadian dollar reached the highest position for two months on Tuesday, after the Central bank of Canada’s hawkish comments. Meanwhile, political uncertainty in Britain undermined the position of sterling. (далее…)

GBP falls after results of UK elections
9 июня 2017
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The British pound demonstrated a downside movement on Friday reacting to results of the British elections and possible consequences. None of parties managed to win a majority of seats in the Parliament, and this situation can lead to political instability in the country or even stop the Brexit process. The pound lost almost 2% right after the results were published. (далее…)

Pound tends to go down after attack in London
5 июня 2017
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The British currency was weak on Monday as markets reacted to an attack in London where seven people were killed. As a result, the GBP/USD pair went down by 0.14% to the level of 1.2869. The USD/JPY pair gained 0.27% and was traded at 110.69; AUD/USD rose by 0.16% to the level of 0.7454. The U.S. dollar index also grew up by 0.17% to the mark of 96.77. (далее…)

Sterling falls on risks of upcoming UK parliament election
31 мая 2017
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The British pound went down on Wednesday after the recent poll demonstrated risks that the British Prime Minister Theresa May’s Conservative Party will not receive the needed part of an overall majority in the national election in June 8. (далее…)

GBP goes down against JPY after Manchester blast, euro close to six-months high
23 мая 2017
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After a terrorist attack in Manchester, the pound lowered its position against the yen on Tuesday. The European currency was not far from six-month highs against the dollar after Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel pointed on the currency weakening. (далее…)

Euro goes up and DXY falls after CPI report in UK
16 мая 2017
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The European currency reached 6-month highs on Tuesday before the report about first quarter growth in the Eurozone and continued its movement after U.K. CPI report was released. The U.S. dollar lowered as U.S. manufacturing data showed weak results. (далее…)

Sterling regains position after May calls general elections
19 апреля 2017
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On Wednesday, sterling became a central point of market players’ attention after Britain announced its decision to undergo snap elections. Such a situation could result in more market-friendly outcome of the Brexit process. Meanwhile, safe-haven assets reached record levels because of the upcoming presidential election in France and geopolitical tensions between the United States and North Korea. (далее…)

What will happen to the pound after Brexit begins?
27 марта 2017
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One of the most vital questions for traders now is sterling’s performance after Brexit actually begins. British Prime Minister Theresa May initiated the formal procedure of Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty on Wednesday. It will result in a two-year period of talks and decisions leading to the opposite movement of UK and European Union. (далее…)