Oil moves lower after significant rise
21 September 2017
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Oil prices started declining on Thursday morning due to the growth of oil reserves in the U.S. By 7:00 GMT, Brent futures fell by 0.41% to $56.06 per barrel. WTI futures were traded at $50.50 a barrel – 0.37% lower. (more…)

Oil moves down again after sharp rise
14 September 2017
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During the morning trade on Thursday, oil prices started lowering after a sharp growth yesterday. The quotes were up due to the positive data on inventories in the U.S. and the news from OPEC. (more…)

Oil stable after growth on Tuesday
6 September 2017
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Oil prices remain stable on Wednesday after a strong growth the day before due to the resumption of refineries in the U.S., which revived the demand for crude oil. (more…)

Oil keeps falling on fears of low demand
31 August 2017
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The fall of oil prices slowed during the Asian trading session on Thursday, as the report on production activity in China and the EIA data on U.S. oil inventories slightly improved the global market sentiment. However, the main movement in the market is related to the consequences of the Tropical Storm Harvey in the Gulf of Mexico. (more…)

Oil goes down influenced by Hurricane Harvey
28 August 2017
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Oil prices fall during the trading session on Monday in the wake of Hurricane Harvey in the U.S. Several oil companies, including Shell and ExxonMobil, have suspended oil production in the dangerous region. Meanwhile, futures for gasoline reached a record level for the first time since July 2015. (more…)

Oil falls as gasoline level beat forecasts
23 August 2017
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Oil prices fall on Wednesday afternoon. The main reasons for the decline in are the resumption of production in Libya and API data on gasoline stocks growth despite high demand as the travel season in the U.S. goes on. (more…)

North Korea – USA tensions affect markets
21 August 2017
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The week has started off with escalated tensions between the United States and North Korea. On Monday, the U.S. and South Korea launched the united military training of Ulchi Freedom Guardian, which will last till the end of August. The reaction of North Korea was immediate – Pyongyang has called this event a preparation for the attack. Meanwhile, Pentagon assures that the training has “defensive nature”. (more…)

Oil remains at three-week lows
17 August 2017

Oil slightly rose on Thursday recovering from yesterday’s sharp fall. The price movement was affected by the more or less positive data on U.S. oil inventories. However, prices stay close to the lows that were reached three weeks ago, as the rising production in the United States and some other countries, including Libya and Nigeria, keeps putting pressure on quotes. (more…)

Oil falls from 6-week highs touched earlier
20 July 2017
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Oil prices were decreased during the European trading session on Thursday after they reached the highest level in six weeks a day before. (more…)

Oil position tends to become stable
18 July 2017

The oil market stabilized on Tuesday, as demand level became firm. However, the United States producers and high supply levels of the OPEC still affect oil prices. (more…)