Oil falls from 6-week highs touched earlier
20 July 2017
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Oil prices were decreased during the European trading session on Thursday after they reached the highest level in six weeks a day before. (more…)

Oil position tends to become stable
18 July 2017

The oil market stabilized on Tuesday, as demand level became firm. However, the United States producers and high supply levels of the OPEC still affect oil prices. (more…)

Saudi Arabia to cut oil supply for August
12 July 2017

Saudi Arabia is going to decrease oil shipments in August to increase its summer domestic consumption, provide balance, and remain within OPEC cut deal terms. Saudi industry source also informed that the mentioned decrease could reach over 600,000 barrels per day. (more…)

Oil goes up on U.S. inventory fall, forecasts remain dull
6 July 2017

Oil prices rose on Thursday, demonstrating moderate recovery, as the better-than-expected U.S. demand report yesterday stopped the downside movement of prices. Still, analysts have less optimistic view on oil prices in 2018. (more…)

Oil prices up on U.S. drilling decrease
3 July 2017

Oil went up on Monday, as U.S. drilling activity was decreased for the first time in several months. However, prices were under pressure after OPEC’s report indicating that the output rose last month despite the cartel’s efforts to cut production rates. (more…)

Oil prices go down as U.S. crude stocks and OPEC output increase
14 June 2017

Oil prices fell on Wednesday after the industry information showed that U.S. crude inventories rose. OPEC’s data published on Tuesday demonstrated that its production output also grew up, despite the oil cut agreement. (more…)

Oil falls but remains supported by Mideast tension and U.S. stocks draw
7 June 2017

Oil prices went down on Wednesday. As a result, Brent oil futures were traded almost at $50 per barrel. However, oversupplied oil market was influenced by increasing tension in the Middle East and dipping U.S. inventories. (more…)

Oil goes up slightly after OPEC meeting
26 May 2017

Oil prices moved up on Friday, but market sentiment did not change after Thursday’s OPEC meeting decision to prolong production cut agreement by nine months. Investors expressed disappointment about results of the meeting since they expected more severe cut and longer extension. (more…)

Possible OPEC deal extension makes oil prices high
25 May 2017

Oil prices went up on Thursday, while market prayers were waiting for the upcoming OPEC meeting today. Investors are interested in highly possible extension of the oil production cut agreement till 2018. Oil producers are trying to decrease glut in the global market and raise prices. (more…)

Oil prices rise as OPEC can extend deal and increase cuts
22 May 2017

Oil prices rose on Monday after reports on OPEC production cut deal extension. The deal is expected to be extended till 2018, and oil producers may decrease their production rates to tighten the oil market and push oil prices up. (more…)