Netflix: strong rise after good earnings report
19 октября 2016

After-hour trade on Monday ended for Netflix Inc. (NFLX) in a 19% shares growth, as a result of company’s report on earnings. According to report information, the company had earnings rate per share much better than expected. (далее…)

S&P 500 futures can go down because of hurricane
10 октября 2016

On Friday S&P 500 futures price movement was even more active than the analysts expected. The Globex session was weak, and ESZ cash session opened with a 2149.75 while sold down to 2143.25 after 10.00 a.m. (CST). From that point S&P 500 rating started to rally and this process stopped with the essential information about ECB’s Constancio weakening still unconfirmed. As a result, the ES made it higher, reaching 2157.25. (далее…)