Samsung going to invest $18.6 billion in South Korea business
4 July 2017

Samsung Electronics Co Ltd informed on Tuesday that the company is planning to invest approximately $18.6 billion in South Korea to assure its leading position in production of memory chips and next-gen smartphone displays. With the help of this plan, around half a million of jobs can be created. (more…)

Samsung to invest in China’s chip plant
29 May 2017
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Samsung Electronics Co Ltd informed on Monday about its plans to increase memory chip production capacity at Chinese manufacturing base. An industrial boom will possibly result in record sales for memory supplying companies. Samsung has already invested in the Xi’an facility, but the actual amount of investment and additional resources was not revealed. (more…)

Samsung reports strong earnings for Q1 and expects more form Q2
27 April 2017

On Thursday, Samsung Electronics Co Ltd published its earnings report and stated that it had stronger results than expected, including first-quarter profit growth of memory chip business. The company also announced cancellation of its treasury shares with worth more than $35 billion by 2018 and rejected a proposal from Elliott hedge fund to split but accepted some other proposals. (more…)

Samsung profits reach record highs making investors worried
13 April 2017

Samsung Electronics Co Ltd is going to increase its earnings to the highest level this year. Meanwhile, investors start worrying about negative consequences this success can bring. South Korea’s tech giant has the market capitalization of 331 trillion won ($293 billion) and is treated as most valuable company in Asia. Its shares increased by 60% since 2015 and touched record highs in March. (more…)

Samsung Electronics is considering split proposals from U.S. hedge fund
28 November 2016

As South Korea media sources informed on Monday, Samsung Electronics Co Ltd would discuss split proposal received from Elliott Management, activist hedge fund from U.S. The plan to divide the company into two will allow the Lee family, founders of Samsung Group, to strengthen its influence on the leading Korean smartphone producer. Elliott Management proposed a reorganization process in October to increase shareholder value. (more…)

Samsung is buying Harman
14 November 2016

Samsung Electronics (KS:005930) stated on Monday that it has an agreement to buy Harman International Industries (N: HAR). The price of the deal is almost $8 billion. (more…)

LG Electronics: Q3 profit went down by 3.7%
27 October 2016

On Thursday LG Electronics Inc (KS:066570) released a report with a third-quarter operating profit data which shows income decrease. The stated results are lower than the last year numbers by 3.7 percent.

Note 7: prohibited on U.S. airlines
17 October 2016

Samsung Electronics Co Ltd (KS:005930) made a decision to scrap its flagship smartphone Galaxy Note 7 on Tuesday because of reports about fire or smoking accidents cause by those devices. The decision was made in consideration of numerous warnings from airlines representatives, regulators, and phone service providers. (more…)

Samsung Corp halted the sales of Galaxy Note 7
11 October 2016

Samsung Electronics Co Ltd (KS:005930) recommends the owners of Note 7 stop using their phones (turn them off) while the investigation on smoke reports still conducted. The company directed this restriction to all global sellers of Samsung products. (more…)

Currency and private employment
6 October 2016

Thursday: currency and private employment

On Tuesday Australian dollar fell 0.56 percent down in comparison to U.S. dollar. Stated rating 0.7580 is the lowest position of currency since September 21. Wednesday report of Institute of Supply Management about non-manufacturing purchasing manager index rising is likely the reason why USD remains supported. According to the report, mentioned index increased to 57.1 from 51.4 and reached the highest rating in the 11-month period, despite the analysts forecasting rating 53.0. (more…)