Global stocks mixed on Friday
22 September 2017

The U.S. stock market closed lower on Thursday because of the possible interest rate hike by the Fed and new Washington’s sanctions against North Korea. Asian markets also fell on Friday, while European companies, on the contrary, moved higher on positive economic data. (more…)

Stock markets open on positive note
18 September 2017

Shares of Asian companies beat a 10-year record on Monday, while the U.S. dollar keeps rising against the yen ahead of the U.S. Federal Reserve meeting that will take place this week. (more…)

  Global stocks up on Irma and North Korea relief
12 September 2017

Major U.S. stock indices rose by more than 1% on Monday and closed at a record high. The Hurricane Irma was not as destructive as expected. Also, the tension around the Korean peninsula eased. (more…)

European stocks up ahead of ECB meeting
7 September 2017
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The European stocks opened higher on Thursday ahead of the European Central Bank meeting. The main questions of the upcoming conference are the monetary policy decision, stimulus program reduction, and the strengthening of the European currency. (more…)

Markets move up ahead of jobs data
1 September 2017
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The U.S. dollar is flat on Friday, as market players do not hurry to invest ahead of the monthly U.S. jobs report. The weak economic data that was published during the recent weeks questions the Fed’s ability to raise interest rates again by the end of 2017. (more…)

The global markets jump into safe-havens
29 August 2017
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On Tuesday, investors decided to rush to “safe-haven” assets like the JPY, CHF, and gold. The main trigger behind this move is geopolitics. (more…)

North Korea – USA tensions affect markets
21 August 2017
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The week has started off with escalated tensions between the United States and North Korea. On Monday, the U.S. and South Korea launched the united military training of Ulchi Freedom Guardian, which will last till the end of August. The reaction of North Korea was immediate – Pyongyang has called this event a preparation for the attack. Meanwhile, Pentagon assures that the training has “defensive nature”. (more…)

Trump concerns and attacks in Spain put pressure on markets
18 August 2017
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On Friday, the global markets can be described in one word – “risk-off”. Investors prefer “save-heaven” assets, and it is quite understandable – worries around President Donald Trump‘s current economic policy are constantly growing. Market players are not sure so far that the U.S. leader will be able to realize his pre-election pledges, including tax cut plans. (more…)

US stocks up ahead of Fed’s minutes
16 August 2017
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U.S. stocks were opened at a higher level on Wednesday as the positive retail sales data and the easing U.S.-North Korean conflict calmed investors down. Right now, market players are waiting for the Federal Reserve’s minutes. The data on the latest policy meeting will be published by the U.S. central bank at 18:00 GMT, and traders expect to get any signs of interest rate hikes one more time this year. (more…)