Global stocks mixed ahead of Central Banker Conference
14 ноября 2017

World stock markets show mixed results ahead of the economic reports from China and the meeting of central bankers in Frankfurt. The U.S. closed higher on Monday, indices of the Asia-Pacific region are mixed on Tuesday, while revenues of telecommunications companies pushed European stocks up. (далее…)

European stock markets show mixed results
10 ноября 2017
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On Friday, European markets opened mixed as investors expect new corporate reports. Also, they remain concerned about the Brexit negotiations. (далее…)

Wall-street regains after yesterday losses
31 октября 2017
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Wall Street closed in the red zone on Monday because of Merck’s shares decline and reports that U.S. lawmakers are going to start reducing corporate taxes. However, investors are worried by the fact that the Congress is considering a variant of a gradual rather than a one-time reduction. (далее…)

Global stock indices soar as Q3 reports support shares
17 октября 2017

The three major U.S. stock indices reached new record highs after the close on Monday ahead of the earnings reports and amid the financial sector growth after last week’s losses. Europe and Asia’s stocks followed Wall Street and opened high on Tuesday. (далее…)

US stock indices rise ahead of earnings season
11 октября 2017
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The U.S. stock market reached record highs on Tuesday in the wake of a significant increase of Wal-Mart shares. Meanwhile, Amazon and Facebook lost positions, and investors focused on the upcoming quarterly reports. (далее…)

European stocks to end this week up
6 октября 2017
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European stocks fell slightly on Friday, but may end the week in positive territory as traders shifted the focus from the crisis in Catalonia to U.S. labor statistics due to publish on Friday. (далее…)

Global stocks opened new quarter higher
3 октября 2017

The U.S. stock market began the fourth quarter on a positive note. All three major indices reached record highs on strong economic reports. Asian and European indices also were up on Tuesday following Wall Street. (далее…)

Wall Street up due to Trump’s tax plan
29 сентября 2017

Wall Street closed higher on Thursday. Investors still hope that the U.S. President Donald Tramp will be able to conduct a new tax reform. However, the growth of stocks was limited as share prices are too high. (далее…)

European stocks rise as euro weakens
27 сентября 2017
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Major European indices reached ten-week highs on Wednesday – they were supported by the weak euro position. The European currency has been showing a down-trend since the beginning of the week, as the results of the German federal election were disappointing. (далее…)

Global stocks mixed on Friday
22 сентября 2017

The U.S. stock market closed lower on Thursday because of the possible interest rate hike by the Fed and new Washington’s sanctions against North Korea. Asian markets also fell on Friday, while European companies, on the contrary, moved higher on positive economic data. (далее…)