Toyota and Suzuki start partnership talks
6 февраля 2017
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Suzuki Motor Corp and Toyota Motor Corp informed on Monday that they were going to trade expertise in their R&D and parts supplies. Companies will arrange the agreement which will let them to expand in emerging markets and withstand a brisk technological sophistication process. (далее…)

Toyota Motor plans to increase electric car’s efficiency by 15%
24 ноября 2016
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As Toyota Motor Corp representative informed on Thursday, the company is going to create more advanced battery for electric vehicles. It will allow to increase vehicles range up to 15% as well as battery life sequence, comparing with modern designs. The project completion may take several years. (далее…)

Toyota creates a new unit to develop full-size electric cars
18 ноября 2016

Toyota Motor Corp informed on Thursday that it was going to form a unit specifically dedicated to the electric cars segment the following month. For now, the unit will start with a team of four persons responsible for marketing and strategy development. (далее…)

Toyota recalls more than 5 million cars in Europe and Asia
26 октября 2016
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The biggest recall in automobile industry is currently caused by defective airbag supply produced by Takata Corp. Under the pressure of authorities, the company agreed to consider the major part of its airbags provided in many countries including U.S. as defective. For now, the inappropriate chemical compound used in airbags is treated as a source of casualties (16 in global, mainly in U.S.)


Media report about Toyota cars massive recalls in Russia
6 октября 2016
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Media report about Toyota cars massive recalls in Russia

More than 210,000 vehicles, produced by Toyota Motor Corp (T:7203) were recalled, according to Russian standards agency (Rosstandart) report. The list includes Prius and Auris models as well as Lexus CT 200h and Toyota Corolla.
All the mentioned cars were sold in 2007-2015 years. Rosstandart also informed that all vehicles were equipped by a fuel tank carbon absorber as a vapor recovery mechanism.