Bitcoin breaks new record
17 ноября 2017
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On Friday morning, the world’s most popular crypto currency, Bitcoin, hit a new record by soaring up to $8,040. But later the correction followed, and the digital currency lowered to $7,700. (далее…)

Euro gets stronger on good economic data
15 ноября 2017
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During the morning trade in Asia, the euro rose, and the U.S. dollar continued the fall started on Tuesday. At 9:00 GMT, the euro reached $1.1839, up 0.36%. Yesterday, the U.S. national currency lost more than 1.1% against the EUR. (далее…)

Gold up amid high demand for safe assets
8 ноября 2017
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Gold prices rose on Wednesday, responding to concerns that the implementation of a new tax reform in the U.S. may be postponed, which put pressure on the U.S. dollar. Also, geopolitical tensions in the Middle East increased the demand for risk-off assets. (далее…)

USD moves up against AUD after RBA interest rate decision
7 ноября 2017
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The Australian dollar fell after the Reserve Bank of Australia left interest rates unchanged and called wages and housing prices the main problem of the Australian economy. The U.S. dollar, meanwhile, rose on new positive monetary policy forecasts. (далее…)

Sterling stable after yesterday’s drop
3 ноября 2017
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On Friday, the British pound started recovering after yesterday’s sharp fall against the U.S. dollar caused by the Bank of England’s decision to raise the interest rate for the first time in the last ten year, even though the further changes in monetary policy are to be gradual. (далее…)

Gold gains as USD loses positions
30 октября 2017
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Gold prices rose on Monday, and the U.S. dollar, on the contrary, moved down from the last week’s highs, as investors remain cautious ahead of Central Banks’ meetings. Also, traders keep monitoring the appointment of a new U.S. Federal Reserve Chair. (далее…)

Brent goes up on possible OPEC deal extension
27 октября 2017
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Brent crude oil is traded above $59 a barrel on Friday morning due to a possible extension of the OPEC pact. However, the growth is constrained by the increased production in the United States. (далее…)

Dollar peaked to yen after Abe won elections
23 октября 2017
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On Monday, the U.S. dollar reached a three-month high against the yen after the victory of the ruling party of Japan in Sunday’s elections. The party of the Japanese Prime Minister has taken more than 60% of votes, and investors predict it will allow Shinzo Abe to remain as the PM three years more. (далее…)

USD up and gold down on new tax reform hopes
20 октября 2017
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Gold fell on Friday as the U.S. dollar became stronger. The U.S. currency moved higher against the other major currencies as investors speculate on increased chances of another tax reform in the nearest future. (далее…)

USD steady ahead of new Fed Chair decision
18 октября 2017
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The U.S. dollar is stable against other currencies on Wednesday, as investors await the U.S. President Donald Trump’s decision on a new head of the Federal Reserve System instead of Janet Yellen. (далее…)